Hi. My name is Brendan Briceland

I come from a varied background of careers.

I started out as a singer/dancer with the Young Canadians of the Calgary Stampede. Moving into performing on Cruise Ships with Carnival Cruise Lines.

Leaving cruise ships I moved to Toronto where I continued my performing career with various shows/companies such as The Toronto Dance Company and background work with film and television. I also had a teaching stint with the National Ballet of Canada as well as a super for a number of their shows.

Still having the travel bug, I moved to the aviation world and became a Flight Attendant. Ultimately becoming a lead instructor and part of the team that launched the Dreamliner and international service with WestJet.

As with everyone’s story “please insert COVID storyline” here.

Making the best of a bad situation I took the lockdowns as a chance to take stock on what I am truly passionate about and that is Theatre! I decided to get my Diploma in Visual Effects during the lockdown and started Freelancing as a video/lighting technician as soon as possible.

Since then I’ve had the absolute pleasure of meeting some amazing humans and running/designing projections for a number of shows in the Calgary and Banff area. Working with Theatres such as Vertigo, The Grand, Alberta Theatre Projects, The Jack Singer Concert Hall and currently I am the Head of Projection at The Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity.

I have a passion for creating emotions and telling stories through varied art forms. I would love the chance to bring you dreams and stories to life.

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